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Monday, July 5, 2010
P.O Instocks
Items here are all instocks!
*Limited pieces*
Items includes Normal Postages(:
- For registered post: + $3.00

Thank you *(:

Sexy Black - SGD$6.00

Sexy White - SGD$6.00

Kitty - SGD$6.00

Stripe Pink - SGD$5.00

Pink - SGD$8.00

Princess - SGD$8.00

Polka Outer - SGD$8.00

Demin Outer - SGD$8.00

Lace outer (Right) - SGD$8.00

Gray - SGD$8.00

Vivi - SGD$8.00

Sailor- SGD$8.00

Sweet temp - SGD$10.00

Floral Tanktop - SGD$6.00

Strip - $9.00

Demin #1 - $13.00
Black - $9.00
Elegant - $9.00

Pink Jewel - $9.90
(In Pink)

Fair lady - $9.90

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Instock items would only be limited to 1-2 piece per design.

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